Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Talk about Luck!!...

An ode to 1st December 2009

Twas the week after Thanksgiving, I headed out for lunch.
My tummy was growling, mouth watering, so I set off for something to much.
Dried from cash, I stopped by an ATM machine,
It took so blardy long to register, I wanted to dose it with benzene,
There I typed my amount, A thousand Ringgit plus hundreds more,
Waited for another 5 minutes, my blood did boil, my legs were sore,
The ATM finally cracked into life *woohoo!!*, I hear yummy cash a-flippin' inside,
Lifted up a prayer of thanks only to find nothing comin' from its mouth open wide,
I waited a little longer, hoping that it was a mistake,
But an
ink-less receipt shot out, stating that the money I did take...

A thousand Ringgit plus hundreds more,
May not seem much but keeps my month ashore,
Pay my rent, my petrol, my toll, my bills,
my food, my groceries, my gym, my ills.
I checked the other machines to confirm this nightmare
Praying that it was just another prank-ly scare
I dialed 1300-xxx-xxx with my heart in my mouth,
straining to listen for instructions, while my brain has gone south
Was told to wait for two hours before filing a report,
I gave her a little piece of my mind and many other sorts.

I went to the nearest CIMB bank to make my claim,
Vowing that if I don't get my money back, their good name I'll gladly defame
True that one may say that things like these do happen once in a while
But I having to suffer the consequences of their neglect just ain't my style
I filled in the form, details, trace number and all,
The counter lady flashed her Colgate Ad smile sayin, "It'll be
FOUR workin' days before they call.
So that leaves me completely broke for one whole week,
with so many bills to settle my following days does look quite bleak,
Sat quietly at home, I did, not daring to move so much as an inch
I thought, If it was just a prank act, I'd let him/her go with just a pinch

Well, you'd thought that as long as one has credit cards, one will survive
I thought that too, till I reached the KFC drive,
"I'm sorry, mam but your credit card didn't get through", said the lad
Asking me to pay in cash, cash which I wish I have had
Having no choice but to call my personal hotline,
Rang my dad for help, I many hundreds? I asked for nine (for the 'just in case's)

Returned back home, with no mood for food,
Marching towards my laptop, I wondered if this was only the prelude
My wonders were confirmed when my Firefox came crashing down
Some email replies unsaved, my face was slightly more than a frown
Several more tries and yet the same thing
Obvious isn't it, my luck is draining...

I clocked in my washing machine only to watch it go belly-up
Looks like I'll have to hand-wash, especially my skirt soiled with tomato ketchup
An order I made for a rubber stamp, simple as it may seem,
Upon my reaching the shop, a mistake I spotted and I released some steam
A positive point was that I was allowed for a carpet exchange, (the carpet I purchased didn't match my theme)
but seeing how my luck goes, I am not surprise if it catches fire first and goes up in flames...

And no, things didn't improve then...I refuse to dwell on them longer than I should...
It is times like these that makes me wonder...WHY ME???...
But then again...why NOT me???...

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