Saturday, December 6, 2008

Now how is THIS for sensitivity??

"....residents living in slope areas should be more sensitive to their environments as landslides can happen anywhere."
- Energy, Water and Communications Minister Datuk Shaziman Abu Mansor
(report here)

That's the way, old dude...suddenly the victims play a role in causing the landslides of Bukit Antarabangsa...I bet the developers and local councils sits down at a corner...smiles and waves???

It is situations like these...that our frustration take its toll...
Avoidable landslides happen, politicians take their place...and says what needs to be said...political talk...
"More researches need to be made..."
"More task forces to be prepared..."
"More reviews of land to be done..."
"Construction permits to be frozen for now..."
"Will get to the bottom of this..."

"Stop hillside projects", says PM Abdullah the stop work will be effective for 1-2 months...till the noises are pianissimo...but in the 3rd month, you'll see contractors swarming the land again...not after having given some under-table money to respectable politicians...

Touch wood...but if one of their family members were to be a not-so-fortunate victim in this incident and having lost a life, I bet he would be saying things of these sort so calmly, that's for sure...

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